Welcome to Gorilla Gram, where visitors to Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas don’t just meet them but play an active role in their conservation by sharing their experiences.

This is the first population of wild animals in the world to have an active social media presence that helps with vital research, management and protection. Using their Instagram photos, all of our visitors become citizen scientists during their visits by adding optional tags that help rangers, researchers and our monitoring teams keep track of the groups and individuals. This simple approach gives us access to a wealth of verified media content from our Gorilla communities every single day, including recording behaviour, group changes, interactions and alerting our rangers to any injuries or concerns.

This innovative tool makes a visit to our Gorillas even more meaningful, as your photos and record of your visit become more than just treasured memories, and now play an important role in ensuring that the wild population continue to be protected, prosper and thrive in Volcanoes National Park.

Choose any group gallery below and explore the daily updated content from our visitors, and use the links to learn how you can donate to support Gorilla and habitat conservation or plan your own trip to come and visit us and make your own contribution to Gorilla Gram.

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