As the world adapts to living with the COVID-19 pandemic, Rwanda has put in place health and safety measures and reopened its doors for tourists, offering safe and seamless experiences.

Some of the world’s leading travel websites have featured Rwanda among the safest countries you can visit this year and shared the many exciting things you can do while visiting the country. 

Find out why Rwanda is ranked one of this year’s hottest travel destinations. Plan your trip and experience the best Mother Nature has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you!

Forbes - Bucket List Travel: The Top 21 Destinations For 2021

Why? Rwanda offers a combination of nature, adventure, and culture. From trekking through the forest for gorillas to hanging out in Kigali, the vibrant capital, this African country offers a lot. “Rwanda is a destination that is hard to describe and put into words simply because it’s one of the special places in the world where you feel emotionally attached to the land, the people and nature,” says Judy Stein, president of The Stein Collective. “It is a country that truly reinvigorates your soul and defines the spirit of travel.”

Who should go? Globetrotters who have a sense of wanderlust and adventure.

Don’t miss: Gorilla trekking.

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National Geographic - Seven reasons to make Rwanda your next destination

From historical museums that inspire, to incredible meals served high above the flashing lights of the city below, Rwanda is full of promise and wonder.

Exploring it will leave you emotional and enlightened. Add these seven must-do experiences to your exploration itinerary for a taste of the possibilities:

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The Points Guy - 5 reasons why Rwanda needs to be on your travel bucket list

I don’t like to play favorites when traveling because every country has something unique to offer. However, I can say with certitude that some of my most “soul-fulfilling” trips have taken place on the African continent. And my most recent trip to Rwanda is no exception.

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Fathom - The World's Best New Hotels in Africa

Where: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Why We’re Excited: The luxury brand’s foray into the land of gorilla trekking is eco conscious and unobtrusive — 21 freestanding rooms on stilts are tucked among eucalyptus trees and rose bushes and offer views of nature at its very best. Dining experiences happen in memorable locations around the resort, like next to a fire pit or under a canopy of trees. Activities like volcano climbing (there are eight in the mountain range), cycling, and moving through the gorilla sanctuary are once-in-a-lifetime affairs.

Feel-Good Factor: The country’s sustainably-minded, forward-thinking approach to tourism ensures that resorts are connected to local areas for their economic benefit, in this case Kinigi and Musanze, and that wildlife encounters are respectful and controlled.

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Forbes Advisor - Master List Of Destinations Coordinating Simple Covid-19 Testing

Rwanda has been open to international travel since August of 2020, and has required that all visitors be tested upon arrival, before departure, and before primate trekking since their borders reopened for tourism.  In Rwanda, tests on arrival are done in the traveler’s hotel room; once their test comes back negative, they are free to move about the country. Tests are also required at least 72 hours before any primate trekking, and then of course now within 72 hours of departure. The cost is $60 USD per test and results are typically returned in 24 hours or less. If booking through a local DMC or with a safari company / ground services operator, all testing requirements will be managed by their team.

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elitetraveler - The Most Luxurious Eco-Friendly Hotels

As another founding member of Beyond Green, along with four other Wilderness Safaris properties, Bisate Lodge is a natural fit on a roundup of the world’s best eco-friendly hotels. Nestled into the heart of a natural amphitheater formed by an eroded volcano, the design of Bisate Lodge is impressively unique. A series of nestlike thatched forest villas form the lodge’s luxurious accommodation, all of which boast spacious verandas offering enchanting views of the surrounding hillside.

Aside from the distinctive architecture, rare wildlife sightings are the main appeal at Bisate Lodge. Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is famously home to the endangered mountain gorillas, with guests invited to experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the majestic animals. In addition to the mountain gorilla, the park is also a critical habitat to a variety of other mammals, including the side-striped jackal, buffalo, golden monkeys, elephants and Egyptian mongooses, among others.

In addition to providing unrivaled guest experiences, Bisate Lodge is working hard to protect and preserve its surrounding landscape as well as the animals that inhabit it. Its various environmental initiatives include habitat reforestation with the intent of recreating the indigenous rainforest as well as mountain gorilla conservation, with the aim of becoming a Centre of Excellence for great-ape research. Holding on to the belief that every guest is a philanthropist, Bisate Lodge encourages tourists to actively engage with these initiatives during their stay and beyond.

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Lonely Planet - Best in Travel 2021

“Rwanda is the land of boundless African scenery. I love the stunning wildlife in our national parks and the amazing dry savannah. I respect the efforts put forth by Rwanda on conservation. I feel very passionate about tourism and conservation work and that’s why I founded Hermosa Life Tours and Travel, to be in the middle of this work at all times.”

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I believe we will all travel slower in 2021, that we will want a more immersive and engaging experience, to be more connected with where we are. We will take fewer trips, choosing rather longer stays that offer much more depth of experience. Our Africa Travel team certainly confirms this trend, with requests for the big-ticket African encounters like gorilla trekking in Rwanda now featuring more than just a snapshot of the country, but a full country experience to include the lesser-known areas like the Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest, and the vibrant and safe capital city of Kigali; it’s all about the ‘slow Safari’.

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Style Cartel: Top Five Reasons Why Rwanda Should Be On Your Bucket List for 2021

It is Travel Tuesday and for Black History Month we wanted to promote Rwanda. We have a bucket list of places to go when the lockdown is finally over. Like One & Only’s Gorilla’s Nest is a luxury eco-resort that has been capturing the heart of Rwanda’s wildlife since it opened in November 2019. Freestanding lodges are hidden amongst eucalyptus trees, and the One&Only spa draws on ancient tribal remedies… However, the greatest guest attraction is a once-in-a-lifetime, personal encounter with Rwanda’s majestic mountain gorillas roaming free in their natural habitat.

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Adventure Travel Networking - The small African country with big ideas for fighting Covid

In terms of testing and safety protocols, Rwanda is miles ahead of most countries. Sarah Marshall, travel editor at the UK’s national press agency, PA Media, shares her experience of what it’s like to travel right now.

“Our highest was nine,” sighed my guide, lowering his head. I waited for him to finish his sentence, but there were no noughts or extra figures to add to his sum.


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News Break - Bucket List Destinations to Add to Your Future Itineraries

Top boutique luxury travel agents share their ultimate bucket lists for when we can travel again

Venture off the beaten track and explore remote and untouched destinations with the top tips of these luxury travel experts. Nature as a wellness trend continues to shape our travel itineraries for 2021/22, helping us all to unwind, recharge and connect with ourselves. Here are our top destinations to add to your future bucket list

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Magnificent World - Volcanoes National Park: See Mountain Gorillas in the Heart of Africa

Hi travellers, my name is Dennis Stever. Welcome to my article on the epic Volcanoes National Park. I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada but spent most of my adult life living abroad. In my early years, I was an amateur athlete competing in sprint kayaking for the Canadian National Team.

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Luxury Travel Magazine - Garden Inspiration from Around the World to Welcome Springtime

As spring begins to blossom, here are some beautiful properties from around the globe with unique gardens for travel inspiration – or to motivate travelers to begin growing their very own garden at home:

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