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Rwanda’s fashion scene shares the country’s beauty and culture with the world. It is a platform for talented designers to celebrate tradition and modernity. Their styles and designs mark Rwanda’s infinite passion for all-things-elegant and the use of symbolic beadwork and patterns preserves a rich national heritage.

To celebrate the young creatives who are putting Made in Rwanda fashion on the map, Visit Rwanda and Arsenal teamed up with Collective Rw to put Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Hector Bellerin and Reiss Nelson to the test and challenge them to create their own looks from range of apparel and accessories produced by Haute Baso, House of Tayo, Inzuki Designs, K’tsobe, Moshions, Rwanda Clothing, Uzi Collections and more. Find out how the players did and discover the designers for yourself.

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Fashion & Home Decor

Rwanda Clothing

Rwanda Clothing is a fashion and home-decor boutique located in the heart of Kigali. Rwanda Clothing began in 2012 and today has forty-five full time and more than 50 part-time employees. The company has built a solid foundation and is enjoying a successful growth curve. Rwanda Clothing is becoming well known, not only within Rwanda, but across Africa and around the world. It is a truly Made in Rwanda global brand.

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Culture & Modernity


Moshions is an elegant, culturally inspired brand with world-class couture. Since 2015, the award-winning house has designed clothing that celebrates Rwanda’s cultural heritage – fusing traditional themes with contemporary ideas.

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Ethical Fashion

Haute Baso

Haute Baso is an ethical fashion brand for the modern individual looking for thoughtful, simple and functional designs. It is centred around the belief that “two heads are better than one” using fashion as a vehicle for positive change towards the empowerment of women and youth who are integral to our value chain while contributing to preservation of culture in Rwanda.

Haute Baso draws inspiration from Rwanda’s vibrant culture to collaborate and merge traditional methods with new techniques to create pieces that are timeless. This philosophy exemplifies the modern African fashion industry’s outlook on combining sustainability, technology, modern design and African craftsmanship to produce beautifully made, ready to wear fashion and accessories.

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Handmade Style

Inzuki Designs

Inzuki Designs is a Rwandan brand specializing in jewelry, accessories and home decor products that are handmade by local artisans using primarily local materials. Inzuki Designs products are a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Their design philosophy seeks to transcend traditional Rwandan design and customize it to suit modern needs.

We work with numerous local artisans who use their skills to translate our authentic designs into vibrant quality pieces with a global appeal. Inzuki works towards promoting local production and preserving and improving traditional craftsmanship techniques while providing employment and fair pay to local communities in Rwanda.

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African Sophistication

House of Tayo

House of  Tayo showcases African sophistication, style and flavour through contemporary clothing and accessories. With style influences ranging from the Motown era to traditional British tailoring, House of  Tayo combines elegance and class with a strong sense of African heritage and iconography. The brand is truly authentic and homegrown, utilising African inspired textiles and fabrics, and produced by Rwandan tailors and artisans.

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Timeless Jewellery


K’tsobe is a brand of timeless jewellery, made from different materials like silver and brass, and also natural materials such as seeds, cow horn and wood. The jewellery are inspired by nature, symbols from Rwanda and different cultures around the world. They are mainly handmade and some of them are made using the lost wax technique.

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Colour & Style

Uzi Collections

Uzi Collections has been designing and producing casual and smart apparel since July 2015. It is proudly made in Rwanda. Our inspiration comes from Rwandan and African traditions with a sense of modernity through colour, style and pattern. We attract a global market to our brand and aim to create a footprint for the next generation in fashion in Rwanda. We want our brand to expand and increase job opportunities that empower youth and capacity building for the less fortunate.

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