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Rwanda- Het land van de duizend heuvels

Rwanda: Beyond Gorillas

Rwanda: A realm of adventure

Discover Rwanda: The Heart of Africa webinar

A Taste of Rwanda Webinar

Conservation is life Webinar 2018 – click here

Community based tourism in Rwanda Webinar 2019 – click here

Primates Webinar – download here

New Luxury accommodation – download here

Ruanda – Land der tausend Hügel

Die vielfältigen Unterkünfte Ruandas

Thuis in Rwanda

Trade Testimonials

Hear from global travel experts on why Rwanda is one of their preferred destinations.

Trade Testimonial

Candace Heckel - Africa Endeavours

Candace Heckel from Africa Endeavours shares why Rwanda is one of her favourite destinations.

Trade Testimonial

Ian Swain from Swain Destinations on Visiting Rwanda

Ian Swain from Swain Destinations shares why visiting Rwanda changed his life.

Trade Testimonial

Richard Swartzel of DSA Vacations on Rwanda

Richard Swartzel of DSA Vacations shares why Rwanda is a world class destination.

Promotional and Informational Videos

View and download videos promoting Rwanda’s stunning scenery, incredible experiences and safe and seamless health and safety procedures.

Health and Well-being

Safe & Seamless Experiences in Rwanda

To ensure the health and well-being of those visiting Rwanda, we encourage travellers to following the guidelines for mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand sanitising and other COVID-19 prevention measures. Learn more about Rwanda receiving the Global Safety and Hygiene Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council here.


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Discover Rwanda

Rwanda Is Open

When discovering what makes Rwanda so special, there’s much to see and do. Take the “Tembera U Rwanda” (Discover Rwanda) challenge and be welcomed with warm smiles and safe and seamless experiences.


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Destination Rwanda

Visit Rwanda

Catch a glimpse of the sights and sounds of remarkable Rwanda in this destination video.


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