Visit Rwanda with Paris Saint-Germain

Visit Rwanda has teamed up with Paris Saint-Germain to show you some of the country’s most spectacular destinations and experiences. Find out which PSG players share your travel aspirations and book your next holiday to Rwanda today.

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Alessandro Florenzi

Discover what’s on Alessandro’s bucket-list trip to Rwanda

Ángel Di María

Discover Ángel’s dream holiday in Rwanda.

Moise Kean

Find out where Moise wants to holiday in Rwanda.

Abdou Diallo

Where does Diallo want to holiday in Rwanda?


Find out where Rafinha wants to holiday in Rwanda.

Pablo Sarabia

Find out where Pablo Sarabia wants to go on holiday in Rwanda!

Danilo Pereira

Find out where Danilo Pereira wants to go on his trip to Rwanda.

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