• Total installed power generation capacity of 224.6MW
  • Electricity Access rate estimated to 51 % (37 on-grid and 14 % off-grid).
  • Biomass (wood energy) to drop from 79.9% to 42 % by 2024
  • Access to electricity to expand to 100% by2024 (where by 52% will be on grid and 48% off-grid)
  • Productive users to be connected 100% by 2022
  • Rwanda plans to achieve 556MW installed power generation capacity by 2024
  • The Rural Electrification Strategy approved and currently in implementation;
  • Involvement of the private sector companies to accelerate and achieve the targeted off-grid Electricity Access
  • Availability of Cooperation Agreement between Independent Power Producers with EDCL for supplying, installation and provision of after sales services for two years.
  • Standalone solar systems for households and other users
  • Mini-grid systems to be installed from different resources solar, hydropower, and biomass ( 20 sites identified, and the feasibility is completed)